Thursday, December 05, 2013

Something new

Over the last few month, I learned something new---Don't judge someone, if you didn't fall in love with them.

Sunday, August 04, 2013


Life is made of choices, but only the ones with the right characters can make right choices. I don't count on luck... I need to have the right characters, courage, patience, wisdom and honesty to make right choices in future. 

This is what I pray for.  

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

when I am studying

I should say, BEFORE I started studying....

I checked all my email accounts & facebook posts; I 'liked' all my friends' posts; I checked favourite online shopping website; reviewed new posts on wendy's lookbook; read reviews of places I want to visit on tripadvisor, airbnb, etc....

Then I searched online for my possible next job in London and sigh, not until next year....

Then I checked rightmove for my next property and sighed, price is still going up....

Then I ran out of ideas online, I then had a carton a juice, an apple, a salad, a cup of tea and some biscuits.

Then I started to type on my draft, but realised I have nothing in my head for it.....

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Those books and movies...

I am sure there are many versions of Serendipity. In fact, many books I read were telling the same truth... Ok, here is a list of books and movies that changed/impacted my thinking.

1. Hana Lu Lu

Who do not love Hana Lu Lu 花仙子?If they don't, that's because they're not women...

花仙子gave me the vision to see the world. It showed me that the world is bigger than what I lived and I can be a beautiful person with various talent.

One day, when I have a daughter, I will show her this cartoon and ask her what she  think of it....

2. What the old man does is always right.--- one of Anderson's stories

I am sure it was the Danish version of Serendipity. I remember that I kept going back to that story and wanted to conclude something. My conclusion was---there is nothing better than a happy family. Rest will come with it. 家和万事兴。

3. 卖枣 a very very old Chinese cartoon story.

A guy wanted to sell his fruit so he tried to sell them as either sweet or sour depending who he met. Unfortunately, when he guessed the person's tasted would be pro-sweet, they liked sour; when he guessed the other one would like sour taste, they liked sweet.... He lost the game.

I was 5 when watching this. I told myself. Never change what I truly believe. Life will reward me with my share, in due time.

4. Notro-Dame de Paris 巴黎圣母院

I was 14 or 15 when I read this book. It touched me so much. I learned what is the real beauty of humanity.

5. 金庸

Compare with my friends, I didn't read that many books of 金庸。 I only read 2 or 3 of them. I remember clearly the postscript of one book. It said, 'one day, what we think important now, such as money, fame, patriotism, even religion will fade, but love, kindness & friendship will never die.'  I agree.

I think these lines told me what I should see as important in my life, what are just temporary.

6. 亦舒 

She taught me how to live my single life. Here I am.

Monday, June 03, 2013


Finally, I watched this movie.. To my surprise, MJ, the movie fan hasn't seen it either. She aksed me how was it. I said, I was speechless after watching the movie. It tells a story of all the tragidies in life with a story of a comedy.

My eyes were misty for most part of the movie. I can't summarise what I feel about it. It's sad. It's hopeful. It's beautiful. It's ugly. It's bloody truthful and I am so happy there are people who are strong enough to survive in the toughest situation.

Pursue your love and never let it go. That's what keeps Jamal alive....


I think the word 'Serendipity' meant much nicer things than our Chinese translation for it. Google translated it as 运气,like 'luck'. I don't agree.

The movie 'Serendipity' explained it much better with a love story.

What I've learned about the word Serendipity from this movie?

1. Life is made of many choices. We can ask around for answers, but the final real answer is what lies in our own hearts.

Hence, ask myself---what do you really want?

2. 塞翁失马, 焉知非福?

3. When we know our hearts' desire, never let it go.... (Even if we do, it will come back to bug us at unexpected time...)

Friday, April 05, 2013


Praying is not to inform God that we want something (badly), but to surrender to Him that I can not struggle with my own strength anymore, and I want to HEAR His voice.

That's the time I quiet down my heart together with my anxiety/excitement, and try my best to listen to the smallest voice.

Today, I prayed. Miracle didn't happen and I didn't get the answer straight away. Yet, I felt that I received enough peace for today.  And, I kind of feel the lesson I receive now fits my 'age'.

I need to pray more.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happiness is an attitude, not an altitude.

幸福是一种态度,不是一种境界。 我们追求更多物质或情感可能可以达到某种境界,得到某种经历。而幸福只有自己可以得到。如果我们决定要做一个开心的人,就会去注意生活中美的事物,看到让自己感恩的人或事。如果决定做一个不开心的人,或者把任何事情放在自己的心境之上,那就算拥有全世界,幸福也不会来到。

Monday, March 11, 2013

Life is....

Life is a piece of cake. Enjoy every bite.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

When nerds try to have fun ......

08 March 2013 Friday
16:47 Guy wrote to Rachel, MC, Mimi, Martin, etc.. 
Dear All,

Thanks for all your hard work this week. It is greatly appreciated. If I am still alive in 7 weeks’ time, I insist on taking you all out and paying for you (and me) to get quite drunk.

Have a good weekend


16:49 Rachel replied,

 Thanks Guy!

In this case, we will help you get through those 7 weeks so that we can get the treat!!  :-)

16:51 MC replied,

I don't drink alcohol! 

16:53 Guy replied, 

We’ll supply it intravenously (along with the cocaine!)

16:54, MC wrote,  

Do I need to sign a consent form? 

16:55 Guy wrote, 

YES, in blood! 

16:55 Rachel wrote, 

This is not for research. It's for treatment purpose! 

16:57 MC wrote, 

Maintenance dose! 

16:58 MC wrote, 

Martin will be busy with the meta analysis and he has stopped drinking. 

17:30 Martin wrote, ( Mexican style....always 30 min later...) 

Meta will be finished on Monday. I will be ready for week7 event! 

Mimi just burst into laughter every 2 mins....

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Tango lesson 1

Having had tango lessons for a month, I think I can write some reports here.

Pre-school days:

Selina has been a tango dancer for years and I heard a lot about it. I was not so sure if it's a good thing to  learn because she got emotionally attached to it for a long time. I once tried to persuade her not to 'tango' so much. I said, 'In tango, man is the frame and woman is the content of the picture. The man is setting up the frame to show off what he's got in his embrace... Of course, you feel you're at your best and you have the attention of the whole world, but it is not sustainable. In real life, it's about bread and butter, a man can not show off his lady like tango dancing. '

Selina was very kind, and she didn't object my theory.

I received my lecture when I myself went to watch tango dance one night. Someone asked me to dance, so I immediately said I can not. By wearing flat shoes and sitting on the audience seats, I thought that was obvious enough.

This man (in his 70's) sat beside me and started chatting. He asked me what I thought about tango, and I told him my frame and picture theory. He opened his eyes wide and said, this is the first time he heard this. He then told me, tango is about Connection. Two people with good connection can dance well. The man is the leader and the woman just follow. (It's just like a relationship.) This is the part he enjoys. His wife passed away 9 years ago. He started tango dance 6 days a week, because he can only find the human connection here.

I felt sorry for him. Relationship is such a wonderful thing but when it's gone or broken, it really hurts. c'est la vie...

He said I would be good for tango dancing because I am open. Am I?

We didn't know each other's name until the end. I told him that I will give it a try and maybe I will see him on the dance floor one day... Who knows....

Friday, March 01, 2013


A girlfriend called for advice. She couldn't get out of the sad feelings after the broke up. I felt sorry for her. She is a beautiful girl, full of energy and fun. My French friends (male) think the same.

Of course, the other man must have thought the same but he was just not that into her. 

I listened to her and told her how unique and beautiful she is in our eyes. She asked me, 'how did you walk out of it before? ' I wanted to tell her that I didn't walk out of it. I died in it. The person she sees now is a new one.... 

I didn't say that, instead, I said, 

'Everyone came to our life for a reason and for a season. Some stays for long and some stays for a short while.  God knows them all. The most important is to know that God cares about YOU more than anyone else. He cares more about who you are, instead of who you are with... 

After each beautiful yet painful encounter, we are changed, more or less. It will be good if we are able to appreciate life more and love people more. We would fall into a trap if we become more bitter towards the world around us....' 

She listened, then she said, 'It's easy to say...' 

Of  course, I myself didn't achieve that. That's why I died in it and struggled to come out as a new person. Maybe it's easier that way? 

Monday, February 18, 2013

In a nutshell

Love is not blind, but chemistry is.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

A night out

Best Japanese dinner ever!

It's the meal, the wine, the restaurant, but mostly the people who made the moment precious...



Wednesday, October 24, 2012


When my boss escaped to Mars, we can leave work on time.

I went to shopping haven!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012





当然,马上大宝就用手指掏掏鼻孔,然后放到自己嘴里面。妈妈问‘好吃吗?’ 大宝说‘咸的!’



10 years ago today, I landed in Heathrow airport, with one 30kg suitcase and two dictionary in my pockets (to reduce the weight of my luggage!). I can still remember the first time seeing people adding milk into their tea, even sugar! I can remeber vividly the long queue I had to go through for the extra check for international students. I can remember the white horse on green pasture when taxi driving on motorway. I can remember the moment I saw the red buildings on campus when we got off A3, I fell in love with Guildford and this country.

In the past 10 years, I accummulated more and more 'stuff'. My belongings expanded from the single luggage to a wardrobe, to a room, to a car, even to a flat! I am soooooo thankful for everything that came to me in this country. I accummulated so much memories. I have visited most of the places where I read about in my childhood, places I dreamed of visiting. When I was 10, I wrote on my history textbook (in Chinese of course)---I want to visit British Museum one day! Words can not express sense of my excitement/fulfillment when I stepped into British Museum the first time! I still feel that whenever I visit that Museum.

Besides material stuff, travelling experience and memories, I met soooooo many wonderful wonderful people. My classmates in Surrey, my ever so supportive tutor (who gave me reference 7 years after I left uni.), every landlords, colleagues in the hospital & CRC, friends in Guildford and beyond. My life is completed by everyone's input in my life. I know I tend to be close with different people but it must be God He gave me friendship as a special gift. I would never exchange it with anything else.

The past 10 years gave me many lessons too. I am unfortunately/fortunately molded into someone I didn't prepare to be. I remember in September 2003, I went on a trip to Scotland with friends. One asked me 'what's your ultimate goal?' I said 'to be a housewife!' :-) Many years later, I still think of it when I walked on the street in South Kensington after my job interview! God had different plans.... and it is actually not bad at all!!

Mother Teresa said 'Life is a dream, fulfill it'. I strongly feel this is so true. I had so many dreams and it is a wonderful feeling to see them fulfilled at different stage of life. Writing them down is like keeping a suvenir to remind myself to be thankful for what I have now. 'Remember, you only had 1 suitcase and many dreams 10 years ago.'

Yes, I am very very thankful!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

thoughts collection

1. 要想改变全世界,先要改变你自己。

2. Be happy when you are young; Be inspiring when you are happy.

3. You may have all if you dare try a glorious life or crave. (on the wall of St John's church in Waterloo. )



这天,正通话中,大宝来了一句,‘小姨,我让妈妈给你一些钱吧。’ 我说,‘为什么呢?’ 大宝说‘小姨穷。’ 我差点呛到了,什么,你怎么知道小姨穷呢。妈妈解释说,大人们在议论小姨挣钱少(花钱多),所以大宝记住了。我说,不用了,妈妈的钱给大宝二宝姥姥姥爷花,小姨的钱够用。大宝说,‘没事儿,让妈妈给你一些钱,那么你们就一样多了!’

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


一定得把这事儿记下来,因为太神奇了。 It 's a miracle!


奥运时认识的Annis绝对是一个幸福的女孩儿,她名牌大学生物科学毕业,马上要去牛津读药理学,人清爽美丽,我问了她几次,‘有没有人说你像小龙女?’ 她说,‘可惜我男朋友不认识小龙女。’

比我还瘦的Annis干活比我更努力,我说‘you will make a perfect employee’, 她叹气---‘为什么我还找不到工作!’Well, 找不到工作只好读牛津,这得让多少人羡慕?!

奥运期间,她竟然买到好几套不同赛事的票,包括女子排球的决赛。这可是比gold dust 还稀有。因为我们两个都要在决赛那天工作,她就把两张票原价卖给了同学。 这同学幸福的不得了。

那天去会场的路上,收到Cathy 与Thanh的短信,说他们正在看女排的铜牌争夺赛,问我如何能买到晚上的金银牌决赛票。 我知道这事儿忒难了,这下午要晚上的票,还是决赛!不过,我说,不要灰心,说不定能有。我们在咖啡店里朝天看看,说,如果上帝帮忙的话。


 还没进会场,就有其他的志愿者对我说‘your friend Annis!’原来,Annis竟然被抽到奖了!!那一刻我想,我脸皮一定要厚求她把票卖给我!在360个人的party中,我和Annis 在大厅中找不到对方,她发个消息给我‘你在哪里?’我只好站到椅子上,让她找到我,然后我马上说‘这票子是我的了,多少价钱我的朋友都肯付,他们还在伦敦等着呢!’

Annis竟然想都没想,狂点头,她说,‘I give them for free!’ ............


那天,Cathy和Thanh觉得自己是世上最受祝福的人。 Cathy激动的直到比赛结束还手臂颤抖。

Annis说那天是她最幸运的一天,她平生第一次抽到奖,票子还由一个名人Eddie Izzard 签了名,她的名字还上了我们志愿者小报!

那天深夜,我和Annis 在她最喜欢的酒馆里喝着鸡尾酒,我知道自己是世上最幸福的人,因为我有这么多信任我的朋友们!我不知道该说什么好,我觉得自己得到的比任何人都丰富!


Thursday, July 26, 2012



2.还有一周就要开奥运会了,各大会场还没装修好呢,英国人说,没事儿,Be positive, everything is gonna to be ok. 看,天气不是变好了吗?



Tuesday, July 17, 2012





Tuesday, June 26, 2012



Ada是个特别可爱的女生,这里的可爱,不是卡哇伊,QQ那种可爱,而是让每个朋友都想要接近她的那种。我们几个大陆朋友在一起评论她,有一个共同点认识,就是‘Ada不像香港女生。因为她太成熟大方了。’ 还记得她刚来英国读书的时候,晚上聚会完了,学生们都喜欢去她的宿舍吃泡面。所有的大陆,台湾,马来西亚,新加坡朋友经过香港,她总是张罗接待。我和几个朋友还有幸住在她家,幸福至极。

香港的住房有名的拥挤,好在Ada弟弟常年在外国读书,他的房间就是我们朋友的永久客房。我每次到她家,她就给我一把钥匙,一叠计程车票,然后我就满香港自己购物游览见朋友。她的父母也是那么可爱的人,Ada 不在家的时候就带我出去饮茶。她爸爸普通话最好,就和我畅谈,‘女人不要读书多,早早嫁人生活好’。我一边吃一边点头,绝对认同!回到她家,她的妈妈一定煲好了汤,在香港无比潮湿炎热的天气里,我在那个小房间喝汤,读书,觉得香港的生活无比舒服。在广州的朋友家也是这样的,喝汤+读书,是最好的养生方法。



Thursday, June 21, 2012


'Whatever we see is not a fact but a perspective; Whatever we hear is not a truth but an opinion.' 所以,请不要完全相信我的分享与你有关,对你有用。

在 听到,读到无数关于‘剩女’的文章之后,我忍不住想要把我的观点告诉大家。其实,单身女性不希望被称为‘剩女’,因为她们不是被剩下的‘边角料’(每个人 都是宝贵的),她们也还没有被‘剩下’(她们可能过几年就恋爱结婚了呢)。所以,单身人士可以自嘲为‘剩男剩女’,因为我们确实以羡慕尊重的心态看待幸福 婚姻里的人们,可是,请大家尽量不要以为单身就是‘剩下没人要’的。

单身女性不希望人们说‘你要是再温柔一点就好了,你要是多打扮自己就好了,你要是再活泼一点,端庄一点,就好了....’ NO,请不要这样比较了,单身女人们比嫁出去的女人们少的只有一样-----男人!

现 今教会里面女多男少是事实,可是仔细看看,其实真正的大龄单身女性并不是缺少工作和生活的能力,如果缺少,她们早就嫁了。我在国内有个同学,能力容貌都一 般,她家里兄妹5个,她是中间一个,她身体也不太好,而且可能因为生活比较苦,她不是很擅长交朋友,所以---她大学毕业很快就嫁人了!因为,她需要一个 男人照顾她。教会里的单身女性,比起社会上的女性们,很少有为了‘生活’ ‘居留’而结婚的。 因为,我们不欠缺什么,有能力单身独立的生活,是一种恩典!我知道有人会说我欠缺的是女人味儿.... 、:-)  NVM

另 外,我们真的到了一种地步是单身的女性们将永远单着?每当我读到那些建议我们提高自身的文章时,似乎我们不这样那样就要永远单身了。我禁不住想问,真的有 那么严重吗?第二次世界大战以后,英国的男女比例严重失调,问问英国教会的老姐妹们,她们会告诉你,她们很多人那时就知道,自己很有可能要单身了。同样的 情况在越南战争后,日本战争后,单身女性很多,而且她们很多就一生独身了。

教会里到那种地步了吗?男人的缺乏如同过了一场战争?? 我期待大家说,没有,或者说,还没有。


希 望女多男少的情况不会一直严重下去,因为这不是女人的婚嫁问题,而是关乎神的国度。刚信主时,我读出埃及记。里面讲到法老为了灭掉以色列人,就杀掉他们的 男孩,我奇怪他们为什么不练女孩也杀掉,奇怪为什么神不使用摩西那勇敢聪明的姐姐miriam来拯救以色列人。 后来才明白,因为男人是要做领袖的,属灵的领袖,法老把男的杀掉,就杀掉了以色列的带头羊,牧者们。



Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Moan



所以我跑前跑后,其实我昨天周日还上了一天班呢..... 下班之后,还要继续读书,直到被同事催着回家。哦,要记得把垃圾箱们收回来。各个桶里面都积了很多雨水, 一定是天气使我心情郁闷。


唉,没想到,十几年之后,我经常有这样的日子是要自己处理生活中大大小小的事情。伤感之时,正要问上帝,为什么帮我的那个人还没有来到,突然想起圣经上一句话‘投靠耶和华,强似依赖王子。Psalm 118:9’


Tuesday, June 05, 2012



很多邻居在自家的花园,窗口挂上大不列颠国旗(注意,不是英格兰国旗哦),很多街道都自发组织Street Party,邻里之间可以借此机会加深了解。我觉得很温馨。英国人其实是很家庭的,庆典关乎每个人,却无关政治。

也许对于政治家来说,女王在位关乎政治,因为她的形象是属于英联邦的,而非大不列颠本身。每届政治家多多少要考虑王室家的动向的,如果她们家不稳定,国家的形象,甚至性质是可以上上下下的。英女王这些年赢得的不只是尊敬,还有同情。无论她家的男人,小辈们如何折腾,女王以她的忍耐与韧性保持着王室的完整与稳定, 王室也是一个家庭。修身,治家,平天下, 她做了60年!



这个假期是很英国的,天气多云转阴,时有细雨,经典的英国天气!女王的丈夫菲利普亲王突然昨日发病住院了,关键时候掉链子! 不过他是希腊王子,英国人可以这样说。英国的家庭们该出门旅行的出门旅行,没钱没闲的在家开Party, 伦敦的大街上满是自发去参加庆祝的欢乐人群。这就是英国,一个低调,坚韧,又不时令人惊叹的民族。

Sunday, June 03, 2012




妈妈躺在被窝里,眼睛都没睁开,就说‘大宝,别哭了,我没吃你的薯片。’大宝一愣....妈妈继续‘我吃的那包是二宝的。’ 这下二宝也楞了.... 大宝马上不哭了,高兴的说‘这包是我的,妹妹!’ 二宝马上说,‘姐姐,那我给你拿到楼下去!’ 然后二人一起下楼,妈妈在楼上还能听到她们说‘妈妈真坏,妈妈是个大骗子,姐姐,你和我分享你的薯片吗?’‘好的,我和你分享,妹妹!’

小姨听到这些的时候,笑得眼泪都出来了。你们两个太不容易了,这么小就要和妈妈斗智斗勇。要知道,妈妈的智商可是极高的,小姨小时候吃了很多苦头呢。  哈哈,从此你们要加入我的行列了!

Saturday, June 02, 2012




1. 信仰不是一个境界,而是一个旅程。我作为一个热心的行路人,能够给予的不是真理,而是陪伴。

2. 不是每个人都愿意旅行或是追求那高于物质,文化,思想以及哲学的上帝的。无论我多想让他与她一同前来,他们或许有别的选择。

3. 人可以选择信仰的道路,却不能选择吸引我们的上帝,是上帝选择了我们。





Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Thursday, May 24, 2012



边开车边打哈欠,被她看到,她说我不够淑女,如果旁边坐的是男人,一定要故作贤淑,以手掩口。我不平,‘大姐,开车上班这10-20分钟是我的Private Time,我牺牲属于自己的宝贵时间,你还要求我淑女。过分!’大姐大连忙说是是是。

真的,每天坐在车里听收音机的时间是幸福的时光之一。车子好像一个玻璃屋,我可以看到外面的世界,可以选择喜欢的音乐,电台,同时,我也不用理会外面的风吹雨淋。在加州,我最喜欢把车停在Emeryville的小码头,面对三藩市的风景,看夕阳落下,美不胜收。在Guildford, 深秋开到山坡上,看着山下风吹丛林,炊烟袅袅,即使在车里也能闻到炉火的味道。有一次,我和CL把车停在美丽的山坡上,窗外下着蒙蒙细雨,我们喝着热咖啡,聊这些年在英国的生活,幸福。


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another cancer patient

Dave L passed away this Monday morning. I heard it from friends. He was also a cancer patient. God must be telling me something....

Dave was an integillent professor, sharp and serious. He was alone and he didn't look 'smart'. When I heard that he was actually not retired, I sighed, single men don't look after themselves well...

He came to our Bible Study group a lot last year but was giving little opinions. In his mind, we must be so young and ignorant. Later I heard, he was not a believer. He was searching all religions and faiths. He had a lot of knowledge about the Bible but voiced his unbelief clearly.

When I came back from holiday this year, Dave dissappeared. I heard he got cancer. We sometimes prayed for him in our group. He went to have X-ray for back pain then found extended bone cancer everywhere. (I can't imagine his feeling then...)

He went through intensive treatment and eventually started home care. While he was in the hospital, he met a Christian patient/or relative of patient. They had a chat about faith and God. That man told him, you will meet God tonight.

That very night, he couldn't sleep. He was waiting for God anxiously. Eventually, he heard a small yet clear voice from his heart, 'Don't be afraid. I'll be with you!' He was suprised that God didn't come in chariot but he was ever so sure, he met God!!!

Some friends went to visit him recently, they said Dave was very sure about his salvation. He left peacefully with the company of a couple of friends.

When I receive the email about Dave's death, I knew why Dave came to church last year. God was merciful. He put the desire to seek truth in a man's heart because only God knew Dave's time was near. He made those events happen and put those Christians around Dave, because Dave needed them.

Life is a tapestry. We look back someone's life, then realise God's touch was woven into every detail. I thank God for Dave.

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老公语录写心路写得心力交瘁,给大家来点轻松的。老公平时是个寡言少语的人,不大了解他的以为他很闷,其实不然。跟大家分享一下他的语录。1 化疗做到第二个疗程的时候,我的头发就掉得差不多了,干脆剃光。老公帮我剃的,剃完照镜子,心里难过开哭。他说,你看我多幸福,外面满街各色MM养眼看不 够,回家没事还可以调戏调戏漂亮的小尼姑。2 夏天和老爸老妈吃完晚饭去散步,回家后发现额头上被蚊子咬了两个大包,正抱怨着,他来一句,你郁闷啥,那蚊子才是亏大发了,你身体里那么多化疗药物,就吃 你一口血,没准这回儿都一命呜呼了。3 治疗过程中,有一次指标反弹,我很伤心,悠悠地问他,你老婆死了怎么办。他当时在厨房里做饭,我期待他安慰我或是好好照顾孩子之类的话,人家头也没抬,一 边炒菜,一边说,还能怎样再找个新的呗。我立马化悲痛为力量,举起双拳就去砸他,他接着说,就凭这一点,你也不能轻易死掉。4 做化疗的过程中,双脚肿的厉害,以前那些时髦的鞋子都穿不了,老公陪我去买凉鞋,好不容易看上一双舒服的,样式也OK的,因为是新品上市,有点小贵,我还 在纠结要不要买,他说,你有命穿就不错了,还管它价格。拎着鞋就去付款了。5 因为吃激素类的止疼药,身体一下子肿得厉害。原来的衣服都穿不了,包括bra。他说,正好名正言顺地把你的衣橱都换一遍,你还应该恭喜我,我老婆升罩杯 了。6 做完脑部手术,一直在吃Keppra,医生说是防止Seizure的。Side effect 是头晕加食欲猛增。老公调侃我,以为开刀能开个天才,结果天才没有,开出个吃货加Phd。我不解,他解释,Permanent Head Damage,还有医生的Certificate.就想起这么多,回头想起,再添。

 每天查看文学城,偶然看到这位太太的博客,感动的哭了。赶紧把他们一家的博客记录下来,要记得为他们祷告。见证了无数婚礼,每次新郎新娘宣誓的时候,讲到‘无论贫贱,富贵,疾病或是苦难,都不离不弃,相亲相爱,直到死亡把我们分开。’ 作为观众,或伴娘的我,总是热泪盈眶。这世界上有多少夫妻都在这样恪守他们对上帝,对彼此的诺言。因为有爱。

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今天又回头看那部浪漫的台湾连续剧‘命中注定我爱你’,知道自己很傻,每次看到都热泪盈眶。因为那个女主角真的很努力去爱每个人,所以命运祝福了她。 我觉得那是最完美的。


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Sunday, April 22, 2012




斯图是个美丽的城市,有数百年前的古老建筑,有百年内的现代建筑,有成片的绿地,山上有层层的葡萄园,还有漂亮的车子----奔驰车的故乡..... 在我心目中,斯图有着一个现代人所有想要的东西,当然,最重要的两点,交通便利,物价便宜。那几天,我每天都说一句,‘我本是应该来德国留学的....’



斯图的公园不是很大,不过很‘生活’,木桥流水, 肥肥的鸭子慢慢走过,Selina禁不住在哪儿做了个瑜伽!!我看上了幼儿园的小朋友们去公园玩儿,每一个都粉嘟嘟的,真想偷一个回家....


Monday, April 09, 2012

是含着眼泪看完这部人人称赞的大片的,WAR HORSE。直到今天,我想起这部片子,那剧情,人物,对白,仍然为之感动不已。如今,没有情爱的电影真的不多了,而这一部描述痛苦的电影却表达了更深刻的爱与人生真理。
 ‘耶和華是我的牧者 我必不致缺乏,祂使我躺臥在青草地上,領我在可安歇的水邊.....我雖然行過死蔭幽谷 也不怕遭害, 因為你與我同在.....’
五:那个英国兵和德国兵的对话颇有深意,他们都爱上了那匹马,看到对方对战马所展现的勇敢精神的崇敬,他们中间也建立了亦敌亦友的友情。他们不要为争马而打架,因为‘不想为此再引发一场战争!’ 我觉得作者真的很明智,我们不能‘为爱而争战’!!!


Sunday, April 08, 2012

Whatever did not kill us makes us strong.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

perfect wedding song

不要让自己迷失 Don't lose your way
当岁月日渐流逝 With each passing day
既然走了這么远 You've come so far
就不要半途而废 Don't throw it away
你应该坚定信念 Live believing
美梦由你来编织 Dreams are for weaving
奇妙在等待开始 Wonders are waiting to start
去创造你的奇迹 Live your story
信念希望和光荣 Faith, hope and glory
坚信心中的真理 Hold to the truth in your heart

风中飘荡的灵魂 Souls in the wind
要学会如何转进 Must learn how to bend
寻觅心中的星星 Seek out a star
坚持到最后一刻 Hold on to the end
无论是峡谷高山 Valley, mountain
都会有一道清泉 There is a fountain
洗去我们的泪水 Washes our tears all away

你听到话语喁喁 Words are swaying
是有人正在祈祷 Someone is praying
让我们安然回家 Please let us come home to stay
当我们身处黑暗 When we are out there in the dark
要想到黎明来临 We'll dream about the sun
长夜里感到光明 In the dark we'll feel the light
温暖到每一颗心 Warm our hearts, everyone

让我们携手向前 If we hold on together
美梦就不会消失 I know our dreams will never die
一直到永远永远 Dreams see us through to forever
那里乌云被驱散 Where clouds roll by
就是为了我和你 For you and I

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I am what I eat...& drink

16:00 Lunch at work22:00 Dinner at home. Colleagues worried about my health and body fat..
08:00 @ office: One of them gave me a Goose Egg to fat me up!
21:00 Dinner: Fried goose egg filled the whole wok!
11:00 @ starbucks!
Life is worth living, no matter what happened, what's to come.

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旁边一位外婆级的同事想了想说,'你是不是觉得鲜花的生命太短了呢?所以不值得 .不过这就是我喜欢鲜花的原因,因为它是有生命的。之所以要凋谢,是因为它是鲜活的。而它造就了那个美丽的moment。'


我问那位男同事,‘你喜欢烟花吗?' 他说,当然,不过他不会买贵的就是了。最好是在公园里看别人放烟花!

相信不论男女,我们都喜欢那些造就'时刻moment' 的东西,也许是鲜花可以悦目几天,也许是游戏可以让我们忘我,也许是酒精可以消魂,也许是一段'不被看好的眷与恋',让我们恍若经历了什么。



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讲到感情,她认真的对我说,‘千万要睁大眼睛!不要着急!’ 我在她面前可以耍赖的,所以说,‘难道我还不够小心?’ 她说‘当然,大家都知道你是挑剔的人,不过,我们还是要时不时的提醒你。女人是会软弱,寂寞的,不过还是要认真寻找。我们要经常提醒你,以免你不小心着急了。下月送你一个电热毯。’然后,大姐摆事实讲道理,给我上了一趟婚姻与男人的课。(当然,周围没有中国学生)

我认真地听着,不时点头,最后得以发言感慨 ‘所以,结婚就是两个有问题的人走到一起,然后产生更多的问题。’



Friday, March 16, 2012

Look Up!!




自己look in,朋友建议look around,而上帝要我look up!


昨天刚和CL讨论说我虽然三十多的人了,但情感丰富的像十六岁。今天测自己的weight composition,显示我的metabolic age只有十七岁!!


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Sunday, March 11, 2012

we grow out of each other?

What to do when we grow out of each other? Should I ask you to move on, or should I change myself to fit you as a friend?

What to do when we (scaringly) grow out of a church or a group of people? Should we move on? Or should we ask the whole congregation to change??

I think we need to be very careful when we realise our difference, maybe we shall never say ' I grow out of you and you should change....'

Thursday, March 08, 2012

the best moment in life

昨晚去大哥大家babysit,晚饭和他们夫妇聊得起劲,他们赶不及要去教会上课,走时候说‘我们上完课回来再聊!’ 果不其然,他们回来后讨论到半夜.... 他们说,下周你再来看小孩,我们继续!